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Markus Rieck

Patent Attorney, Pharmacist

Markus Rieck

Patentanwalt, Apotheker

Markus Rieck represents his clients – from biotech start-ups to multinational corporations – in numerous patent, trade mark and design proceedings. His main areas of expertise include creative strategic IP advice and contentious patent proceedings, especially opposition proceedings before the European Patent Office.

After studying pharmacy at the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University in Frankfurt on Main, Markus Rieck continued his education by completing a Master’s degree in European intellectual property law. He has been working in the field of intellectual property since 2004 and has been a partner in the firm since 2011. He is a German Patent Attorney, European Trademark and Design Attorney, European Patent Attorney as well as a professional representative before the Unified Patent Court (UPC).

As a member of the executive board of the German AIPPI national group and co-initiator of the Artificial Inventor Project (DABUS), Markus Rieck is voluntarily involved in national and international legal development and harmonisation. As a reviewer in the Science4Life business plan competition, he has supported the start-up scene in the Rhine-Main region for many years. He is a member of the Standing Advisory Committee of the European Patent Office (SACEPO).

Markus Rieck advised a leading international technology group in dozens of opposition proceedings before the European Patent Office and hundreds of application proceedings before patent offices around the world. In the field of antibody technology, he successfully represented a listed biotechnology company before the European Patent Office in opposition and application proceedings. He accompanied several start-ups from the first patent application to the sale of the company to larger market players.

Markus Rieck’s professional focus is on the one hand on life sciences and pharmaceuticals, especially antibodies, biomarkers, digital health, industrial biotechnology and pharmaceutical dosage forms, and on the other hand on innovative materials, especially glass, ceramics and polymers, as well as chemical energy storage technology.



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