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Design of products

The registered design protects the external appearance of products. Not only the shape of a product can be the subject of a design. External ornaments and patterns, graphic user interfaces and symbols are also eligible for design protection.

For a design to be effectively registered, it must be sufficiently different from already known shapes and patterns, whereby the designer’s own publications are harmless during a twelve-month grace period.

Once registered, this IP right can be a very effective means against imitation and is therefore a useful addition to many patent and trademark portfolios.

It is very important to plan already at the time of the first application for a design in which countries protection will be sought later. Depending on this, we select with our clients the appropriate filing office and the representation of the product to be protected.

We accompany our clients in application procedures as well as in the enforcement and defence of their design.

We advise and accompany you in the following areas:

  • Design applications and examination proceedings at home and abroad
  • Invalidity proceedings before the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) and the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
  • Appeal proceedings before the DPMA and the EUIPO
  • Infringement proceedings before district courts, higher regional courts and the Federal Supreme Court
  • Design research

Our legal expertise

Technical Inventions

Technical innovations are an essential factor of economic success. They can be protected by patents and utility models. In this way, companies secure exclusivity and a resulting long-term competitive advantage.


Trademarks are identifiers for products and services. The owner thereby distinguishes his products or services from those of the competition and creates a recognition value.


The registered design - also called "design patent" - protects the appearance of a product. For example, the shape of a product, its surface texture, graphic user interfaces or ornamentation can be protected.

Our areas of expertise in detail

Pharmacy and

Antibodies, enzymes, biomarkers,
diagnostics, galenics,
industrial biotechnology


FinTech, AI, Digital Life Science,
HMI, Autonomous Driving,
Industry 4.0


Solar energy, battery technology, fuel cells, wafer processing,
energy measurement technology

Mechatronics and mechanical engineering

Automotive, medical technology,
3D printing, injection moulding,
fire protection, heat treatment

Material Sciences

Polymer, ceramics,
glass, metallurgy,


Printing inks, petrochemicals,
construction chemistry,
medical chemistry